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Emerald Blade

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The Emerald Blade is a weapon from the Emerald Collection Lvl VIII. It has a special ability which increases its damage based on the amount of Coins in your Purse.


a good estimate of the damage done by the blade, compared to the coins in your purse can be found with this equation:

Extra damage = 2.5 * 10^log10000(Coins/10)


the jump from 1 coin to 10000 coins deals exactly 10X as much damage (2.5 to 25.0) and the same trend appears in the jump from 10 to 100000 coins (4.4 to 44.5 (the extra number at the only is there because Skyblock can only display numbers to the tenths decimal place), so this means that every time you multiply your coins by 10000 your damage is multiplied by 10. so i decided to use 2.5 as my base damage value (extra damage done with one coin) and multiplying this number by 10x, and every integer you increased x by would increase our base damage by 10. (ex. 2.5*sup>0=2.5, 2.5*101=25.0, 2.5*102=250.0, etc). now with all this we need to find a way to increase x by 1 for every time 1 is multiplied by 10000, (x10000 would not work because we would be adding 10000 each time and not multiplying) introducing logs. logs determine how many times its base value can be multiplied by its self to get the value inside the parenthesis (LogBaseValue(x)). for example log2(16) would equal 4 because 2^4 (2*2*2*2) is equal to 16. now with this in mind we can put x in side a log with a base of 10000 (log10000(x)) so that every time you increase x by a factor of 10000 the out come will be exactly 1 integer higher (because this will be one more time 10000 can fit into x).So with all of this done we have our final equation, 2.5 * 10^log10000(x)

Coins Damage
1 +2.5
2 +3.0
3 +3.3
4 +3.5
5 +3.7
6 +3.9
7 +4.1
8 +4.2
9 +4.3
10 +4.4
20 +5.3
30 +5.9
40 +6.3
50 +6.6
100 +7.9
1000 +14.1
10,000 +25.0
100,000 +44.5
50,000,000 +210.2


  • Most player will also take Saving Grace or Remnant of the Eye in the inventory when trying to achieve Emerald Blade's maximum damage by held many coins in purse. This can prevent the loss of coins.