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Islands are floating islands that can be placed or rather spawned on the Private Island. There are currently 5 different islands available and each comes with an unique Crystal which all generate some kind of resource.

Once placed on a block, an island will build itself about 16 blocks away from that location.

All islands are roughly 15x15 blocks in size while the Roofed Forest Island is around double as wide.

Desert Island

Desert Island
Collection Cactus V
Recipe 10x Cactus, 5x Sugar Cane, 30x Sand
Crystal Desert Crystal, spawns Cactus and Sugar Cane

The Desert Island is currently the easiest way to unlock the sand collection. See sand article for more details on the process. The island is made out of red and normal Sandstone variants, in total over 1000 blocks, as well as 400 normal Sand and Red Sand combined. It also consists of some Cactus and Sugar Cane.

Farming Island

Farming Island
Collection Wheat VI
Recipe 15x Hay Bale, 30x Dirt
Crystal Wheat Crystal, spawns Wheat

The island mostly consists of around 650 Stone, 350 Granite and Dirt, some Podzol and Cyan Stained Clay as well as Wheat.

Nether Wart Island

Nether Wart Island
Collection Netherrack I
Recipe 15x Nether Wart, 30x Soul Sand
Crystal Nether Wart Crystal, spawns Nether Warts

The island consists of around 1000 Soul Sand, some Nether Warts, 480 Obsidian and various Nether Brick variants.

Pond Island

Pond Island
Icon Pond Island
Collection Raw Fish IV
Recipe 3x Water Bucket, 15x Sand, 15x Prismarine
Crystal Fishing Crystal, chance of fishing Prismarine Shards and Prismarine Crystals

The Pond island is another way to unlock the Sand collection, although the required collection is harder to reach than the one for the Desert Island. The island consists of around 170 Sand, some Water, close to 400 Prismarine, 70 Prismarine Bricks, and 30 Dark Prismarine.

Roofed Forest Island

Roofed Forest Island
Collection Dark Oak Wood V
Recipe 15x Dark Oak Wood, 30x Dirt
Crystal Dark Oak Crystal, spawns Bats, slowly regenerates the Dark Oak trees and Leaves

The Roofed Forest Island mainly consists of close to 4000 Stone, over 1500 blocks Dirt variants and several Dark Oak trees.