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The Enderman is a mob in Skyblock that spawns exclusively on the Private Island or in The End. They act very similarly to the Endermen in vanilla Minecraft, and are the player's only source of Ender Pearls.


Endermen can either spawn on a player's Private Island, or on The End Island. They are much more frequent on the End Island and drop much better loot, although they are much stronger.


Endermen on the End Island will become aggressive at the player if they look anywhere on the Endermen for a short time or the player attacks them, otherwise being neutral. They will charge at the player and if it is too far from the player, it will stand still before abruptly teleporting to the player. However, when attacking, the enderman will not teleport behind while becoming aggressive (except when it is too far away), making it easier to combat them.

Endermen that spawn on the Private Island will act just like vanilla Minecraft Endermen.


Endermen on the End Island come in 3 levels: Level 42, 45, and 50. The higher the level, the higher the health and damage it will deal. Players will need decent armor in order to not take significant damage.

Endermen that spawn on the Private Island will have 160 health and progress in levels as the player progresses through the game.

Kill Rewards

End Island Endermen will drop different amounts of items depending on their levels. Here is a list:

Endermen will also drop coins and combat xp depending on the level:

  • Level 42: 28 combat xp
  • Level 45: 32 combat xp
  • Level 50: 36 combat xp


  • Occasionally, Endermen can appear to be as Runic, at which they spawn with 4x as much health, are stronger, have a special nametag, and are guaranteed to drop a rune