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Fishing is one of the nine Skills available for players to level up as they perform certain actions that give them Fishing XP.

Roman numerals are sometimes used to express its levels in-game.

Leveling up Fishing will give

Fishing Rods

Rod Name Collection & Obtaining Rarity Damage Fishing Speed Bonus Effect Fising level required
Fishing Rod None (Vanilla recipe) Common +10 standard None none
Prismarine Rod Prismarine Shard Common +15 +10% faster 25% chance to catch Prismarine Shards or Prismarine Crystals none
Sponge Rod Sponge Common +20 +20% faster 20% chance to catch Sponge none
Speedster Rod Raw Salmon Uncommon +30 +30% faster Hitting a mob gives temporary speed boost 5
Farmer's Rod Clay Uncommon +45 +40% faster Chance to fish farm animals 8
Challenging Rod Lily Pad V Rare +60 +50% faster Increases sea creature catch rate by 2% none
Rod of Champions Lily Pad VII Rare +85 +60% faster Increases sea creature catch rate by 4% none
Rod of Legends Lily Pad IX Epic +100 +70% faster Increases sea creature catch rate by 6%. 16
Shredder Sea Emperor Drop Legendary +120 +75% faster Gives one strength for every 50 bait used (15 max) + gives one damage for every 100 fish caught (115 max) 20

Fishing Baits

Fishing Baits are used each time you right click on water with the fishing rod when they are in the player's inventory. These baits provide a variety of bonus effects which impact upon your fishing in different manners.

Fishing Baits were added in the 0.5 Fishing update

Icon Bait Rarity Effect Collection
Minnow Bait.png Minnow Bait Common 15% faster catch time Raw Salmon I
Fish Bait.png Fish Bait Common 30% faster catch time Raw Salmon VI
Carrot Bait.png Carrot Bait Common Chance of fishing up Carrot King unlocked by default
Spooky Bait.png Spooky Bait Common Scares off any Sea Creatures Lily Pad I
Spiked Bait.png Spiked Bait Common Increase sea creature spawn rate by 6% Pufferfish V
Dark Bait.png Dark Bait Common Higher chance to catch rare sea creatures during the night Ink Sack II
Light Bait.png Light Bait Common Higher chance to catch rare sea creatures during the day Prismarine Crystals II
Blessed Bait.png Blessed Bait Uncommon 15% chance to fish double items (similar to the Blessing enchantment) Prismarine Crystals VI
Ice Bait.png Ice Bait Uncommon 20% chance to catch winter Sea Creatures Ice VI
Whale Bait.png Whale Bait Rare Small chance to get double drops from items fished, higher chance to catch rare sea creatures and 20% faster catch time Lily Pad VI

Leveling XP

Item XP Yield Area
Clay +30 all
Raw Fish +25 all
Raw Salmon +35 all
Pufferfish +50 all
Prismarine Shard +160 all
Prismarine Crystals +160 all
Clownfish +100 all
Golden Apple +160 all
Sponge +160 all
Saddle +160 all
Nametag +160 all
Coins (max. 10,000 Coins) +160 all
Music Disc (all) +160 all
Grand Experience Bottle +160 all
Iron Horse Armor +160 all
Gold Horse Armor +300 all
Diamond Horse Armor +300 all
Titanic Experience Bottle +300 all
Enchanted Diamond +300 all
Enchanted Golden Apple +300 all
Fairy's Fedora +300 Fairy Lake
Fairy's Polo +300 Fairy Lake
Fairy's Trousers +300 Fairy Lake
Fairy's Galoshes +300 Fairy Lake
Sea Lantern +160 all
Enchanted Clay +300 all
Enchanted Iron +300 all
Enchanted Gold +300 all
Enchanted Pufferfish +300 all

Sea Creatures

When fishing you have a chance to catch a sea monster. As you raise your fishing level, you will unlock stronger monsters with more XP and better loot. Please note you only earn fishing XP from killing sea monsters, you do not earn combat XP.

Requirements Monster Appearance Level Health Drops Fishing Experience Yield
Fishing Level 1 Squid Squid 1 120 +30
Fishing Level 2 Sea Walker Zombie with Armor 4 750 +50

Fishing Level 3

Night Squid Squid 6 250 +200
Fishing Level 5 Sea Guardian Guardian 10 2500 +75

Fishing Level 7

Sea Witch Witch 15 ? +250
Fishing Level 9 Sea Archer Skeleton with Armor 15 3000 +125
Fishing Level 11 Rider of the Deep Zombie with Armor riding a Chicken 20 6000 Chicken: +250

Zombie: +200

Fishing Level 13 Catfish Ocelot 23 7500 +300
Fishing Level 15 Carrot King Rabbit 25 10000 +600
Fishing Level 16 Sea Leech Silverfish 30 20000 +500
Fishing Level 17 Guardian Defender Guardian 45 25000 +750
Fishing Level 18 Deep Sea Protector Iron Golem 60 27500 +1000
Fishing Level 19 Water Hydra Zombie with Armor 100 23000 +1500 × 2
Fishing Level 20 Sea Emperor Skeleton with Armor riding a Guardian 150 30000 ?

Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter is an ability exclusively unlocked by leveling up the Fishing Skill. Each level of Fishing grants 0.2% Treasure Find chance.

Each level of Fishing grants one level of Treasure Hunter. For example, if you were on Fishing level 15, you would be on Treasure Hunter level 15.

Leveling Rewards

Like all other Skills, Fishing has a maximum level of 50.

Besides unlocking Sea Creatures leveling Fishing unlocks permanent stat boosts.

Level Treasure Find Chance Health
1-14 0.2% +2
15-19 0.2% +3
20-25 0.2% +4
26-50 0.2% +5

If you were to achieve level 25 of Fishing, you would have received:

  • 5% Treasure Find Chance (Lvl. 25 Treasure Hunter)
  • 67 Health
  • 30,475 Coins

Fishing Locations

Below are the coordinates of popular fishing locations and places where unique drops occur.

Location x y z Unique drops Notes
Fairy Lake 116 65 135 Fairy's Outfit Can be utilized for fishing just before a dark auction starts, and is an easier way to get the full Fairy's Armor Set.
Fisherman's Lake 152 68 47 none Higher Clay Ball drop rate to try and get the clay minion.
Mountainside Pond -69 68 26 none Very popular area that is one block deep and can be used as a method to get other people to kill your monsters. Although others might kill your monster you still receive all the fishing xp and have priority pickup on your own items. Ensure you go to the lobbies with the most people fishing.
Mushroom Island 169 76 -383 none Area that has been popular for fishing since SkyBlocks release, contains a Fairy Soul underneath the surface.
Players Island - - - none Lower chance to catch Sea Creatures.
Spawn Puddles -39 71 100 none Very close to the Hub Island spawn area. May be used to bait sea creatures to kill AFK players.

Chat Messages

  • Your blessing enchant got you double drops! (Fishing Rod with Blessing while fishing.)
  • From the depths of the waters you've reeled in a Sea Walker. (Fishing a Sea Creature.)
  • SOUL! You found a Fairy Soul! (While fishing at Tia the Fairy's Pond)
  • Good Catch! You found an Enchanted Iron! (Fishing an item.)

Trivia and Hints

  • There are currently 3 Fairy Souls you can obtain by fishing.
  • The Fishing Crystal that spawns when you make the pond island grants more frequent drops of Prismarine Shards and Prismarine Crystals.
  • Daytime occurs between 6:00am-6:00pm whilst Night time occurs between 6:00pm-6:00am.
  • Public Islands provide a boosted sea monster catch chance.
  • If fishing at Private Island use the weather stick to make it rain which will allow you to have faster catch times.
  • The bobber and line used to be invisible in Minecraft 1.14 until it got fixed on July 8th, 2019.
  • Rider of the Deep used to be called Monster of the Deep.


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Do you get collection XP from the Enchanted gold and iron?

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idk sorry

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yes you do

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This is really old You can catch 5 fairy souls now


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We are doing our best with updating the wiki. It would be very helpful if people like you that know the game well would help us in keeping the wiki updated.


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Also check out https://hypi.../Fairy_Souls

It states that there are 3 fairy souls that can be obtained by fishing.

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9 months ago
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how do you fish? i have a fishing rod but when i try and cast it nothing happens

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u wait for a fish to bite; it's a lot like regular fishing in real life.
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