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Glowstone Dust

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Glowstone Dust is an item that is found in the Blazing Fortress. If the player walks on the left side past the warp pad through a small patch of pigmen, they will encounter an abundance of Glowstone. This glowstone will not leave behind a block when broken, but will regenerate in that exact spot it was broken.


With the 0.7.3 Update all required amounts were changed to a lower level (Example: Lvl IX was 150,000).


Tier Required Reward
I 50 Glowstone Minion Recipes
II 100 Portal to Blazing Fortress Recipe
III 250 +75 Mining Experience
IV 1,000 Enchanted Glowstone Dust Recipe
V 2,500 +750 Mining Experience
VI 5,000 Enchanted Glowstone Recipe
VII 10,000 Enchanted Redstone Lamp Recipe
VIII 25,000 Glowstone Hat[upcoming]
IX 50,000 +15,000 Mining Experience


The main usage of Glowstone Dust is as a Brewing ingredient. When brewed with the appropriate items, it will amplify a potion's level by 1. It can also be used as a light source if crafted into Glowstone.