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The Graveyard is a location on the hub island where players can fight zombies to gain Combat levels.


The Graveyard is located on the main hub island west of the village and directly north of the forest. Since there are many houses between the shops and the graveyard, using the south road that also leads to the forest is the best way to locate the graveyard.


The Graveyard uses the End biome, so the sky is always an ominous gray to black. Many rocks, resembling tombstones and walls, and dark trees add to the graveyard feel. There is a house near the entrance with Pat inside.

Zombies spawn in the graveyard during the entire day, although more spawn at night. Zombie Villagers also spawn more frequently at night.

In the back of the graveyard is a launch pad to Spider's Den.

There is also a mine close to the edge of the island which leads to the Coal Mines.