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The Helmet slot of the character has the most diverse selection of Armor pieces. There are many stand-alone helmets which are acquired via crafting or as Mobs drops.

For the purposes of this article, items are considered standalone and without any Enchantments. Some Helmets may increase in effectiveness when worn as a part of a set.

Automated produced table

There are 68 Helmets:

Name R HP Def Other Stats Effects Source
Angler Helmet (Set) Co 30 10 Raw Fish V
Armor of Magma Helmet (Set) Ep 50 15 Magma Cream VIII
Bat Person Helmet (Set) Le 15 This armor piece grants 2x item stats during the night or 3x during the Spooky Festival! Crafting
Blaze Hat Co +20 Str
Blaze Helmet (Set) Ep 80 +10 Str
+2 Spd
Blaze Rod Lvl VIII
Blobfish Hat Un +25 Str
-10 Int
Lily Pad Lvl 2
Cactus Helmet (Set) Co 5 10 Cactus Lvl II
Chainmail Helmet (Set) Un 12 Iron Forger
Chicken Head Co 20 Lay Eggs when you sneak! Has a cooldown of 20 seconds. Also reduces fall damage by 5%. Raw Chicken III
Clownfish Hat Un +50 Int
Clownfish Lvl I
Cow Head Co 10 5 Grants immunity to de-buffs while equipped. Leather II
Creeper Hat Co 5 5 +5 Str
+5 Int
+5% CrC
+5% CrD
Grants immunity to explosion damage. Gunpowder Lvl II
Crystal Helmet (Set) Ep 20 +55 Int
Crystallized Heart Ra 50 10 +50 Int
Healing Boost:
Doubles all healing effects, including your natural regeneration and healing you deal to others, while wearing.
Zombie Slayer Lvl 3
Diamond Helmet (Set) Un 15 Vanilla, Armorsmith
Diver's Mask (Set) Ep 65 95 Crafted with Emperor's Skull dropped by Sea Emperor
Ember Helmet (Set) Ep 40 35 +5 Int
Emerald Armor Helmet (Set) Ep 50 Emerald IX
Ender Helmet (Set) Ep 20 35 All stats of this armor piece are doubled while on the End Island! Drop from Enderman in The End
Enderman Mask Un 1 1 +1 Str
-99 Int
End Race
Fairy's Fedora (Set) Ra 1 1 +5 Spd
-1 Int
Farm Armor Helmet (Set) Ra 20 40 Wheat Lvl IX
Farm Suit Helmet (Set) Co 15 Wheat III
Fish Hat Co 5 Splash:
Crouch to splash some water around.
Mana Cost: 10 Cooldown: 1 seconds
Raw Fish Lvl I
Ghast Head Co 100 Restores 1% of your maximum Health every second while worn. Ghast Tear Lvl II
Golden Helmet (Set) Co 10 Vanilla, Gold Forger
Golem Armor Helmet (Set) Un 20 45 Iron Ingot VI
Hardened Diamond Helmet (Set) Ra 60 Diamond Lvl VII
Helmet of Growth (Set) Ra 50 30 Dark Oak Wood VIII
Helmet of the Pack (Set) Ra 70 65 Gain +50 Defense against animals. Wolf Slayer Lvl 4
Holy Dragon Helmet (Set) Le 110 110 Full Set bonus:
3x health regeneration to wearer and all players in a 6 block radius.
Iron Helmet (Set) Co 10 Vanilla, Armorsmith
Lantern Helmet Un 20 10 This helmet gains +2 Defense and +4 Health for every Farming Skill level you have. Pumpkin Lvl VII
Lapis Armor Helmet (Set) Un 25 Each piece of this armour grants 50% bonus experience when mining ores. Droped by Lapis Zombie in the Lapis Quarry
Leaflet Hat (Set) Co 20 Oak Wood Lvl III
Leather Helmet (Set) Co 5 Vanilla, Armorsmith
Magma Cube Head Co 25 25 None Magma Cream Lvl II
Mastiff Crown (Set) Ep 500 -10,000 +125 Int
Wolf Slayer Level 4
Mender Helmet Ra 80 x2 health Ophelia
Miner Helmet (Set) Ra 5 Each piece of this armor dramatically increases your defense bonus when inside of a mine. Drop from Zombie, Skeleton
Miner's Outfit Helmet (Set) Un 15 Cobblestone Lvl VII
Old Dragon Helmet (Set) Le 90 110 Crafting
Perfect Helmet (Set) Ra 110 Diamond IX
Potato Crown Le +1 Spd
Potato King
Protector Dragon Helmet (Set) Le 70 110 Crafting
Pufferfish Hat Co 20 +10 Str
While wearing, your attacks have a chance to deal 10 damage plus 20% of your Strength to nearby enemies!
Pufferfish I
Pumpkin Helmet (Set) Co 8 8 Pumpkin II
Reaper Mask Ep 100 60 +100 Int
Disgusting Healing:
While wearing
  • 2x healing from all sources
  • 2x Zombies from Reaper Scythe
  • Upgrades Zombie Armor effect to trigger on all hits
Zombie Slayer Lvl 7
Revived Heart Ep 100 35 +100 Int
Healing Boost:
Doubles all healing effects, including your natural regeneration and healing you deal to others, while wearnig.
Zombie Slayer Lvl 6
Salmon Hat Co +15 Str
+2 Spd
Raw Salmon VII
Skeleton Hat Co +2 Spd
+10 Int
Your arrows have a 20% chance to explode on impact dealing 55 base Magic Damage to enemies within 8 blocks. Bone Lvl IV
Skeleton's Helmet (Set) Ra 75 Bone Shield:
A bone shield will surround you, nullifying the damage you take but consuming a bone in the process. Bones regenerate every 30 seconds.
Bone Lvl VIII
Slime Hat Un 50 Immunity to knockback Slimeball II
Speedster Helmet (Set) Ep 70 +15 Spd
Sugar Cane Lvl IX
Spider Hat Co +25% CrC
When worn, Cave Spiders and Spiders deal -30% damage. Spider Eye Lvl III
Spirit Mask Ep 100 50 +15 Spd
Second Wind:
Damage that would normally kill you puts you on 100 HP.
Cooldown: 30s
Dark Auction
Sponge Helmet (Set) Ep 60 Sponge IX
Spooky Helmet (Set) Ep 25 Each armor piece grants a +5% chance to get Candy from mobs during the Spooky Festival. Fear Mongerer
Squid Hat Co +1 Spd
Extra chance to fish up Squids! Ink Sack Lvl I
Strong Dragon Helmet (Set) Le 70 110 +25 Str
Superior Dragon Helmet (Set) Le 90 130 +10 Str
+3 Spd
+25 Int
+2% CrC
+10% CrD
Tarantula Helmet (Set) Ep 100 80 +100 Int
Spider Bulwark:
Kill Spiders to accumulate defense against them.
Spider Slayer V
Unstable Dragon Helmet (Set) Le 70 110 +25 Int
+5% CrC
+15% CrD
Water Hydra Head Ep 100 100 ??? Water Hydra
Wise Dragon Helmet (Set) Le 70 110 +50 Int
Young Dragon Helmet (Set) Le 70 110 +7 Spd
Zombie Hat Co 10 Gives +10 Defense for each Zombie within 8 blocks. Rotten Flesh Lvl V
Zombie's Heart (Set) Ra 50 Healing Boost:
Doubles all healing effects, including your natural regeneration and healing you deal to others, while wearing.
Rotten Flesh VI

Given here Rarity with the stats for Health, Defense, Intelligence, Speed and other effects and abilities.