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Jerry is located on the Private Island and can be interacted with to change settings, link to patch notes, and receive special deliveries.


Jerry is initially located on the spawn island on a Private Island. He can be relocated to anywhere on the island via clicking on the icon at the bottom right of the menu; you will be given one Move Jerry which you can place down anywhere on your island.

Clicking Jerry opens up his menu, from which the player is able to link to the patch notes and receive deliveries as well as being able to convert your island's biome (with Biome Sticks) and remove the Hub Portal. Jerry also can be used to change settings related to island privacy and general Skyblock settings which can also be found through navigating the Skyblock Menu.


  • Before update 0.5, he had no name and was simply "The Guide". It was then changed to Jerry.
  • Players took a liking to Jerry and his tendency to spawn various times on the private island granting players the ability to own more than one Move Jerry at a time, some using it as a form of currency!
  • Players have also petitioned to add a "Jerry Sword" into the game; whilst the Jerry Sword is inherently a meme and a bit of fun from the community, who knows if we'll see it in the future! (hopefully with more "hmmmm"!)

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