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Lapis Armor

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The Lapis Armoris an Armor Set that has a low chance to drop from the Lapis Zombie in the Lapis Quarry.

The drop rate without the Luck enchantment is 0.5%. Looting does not apply as it is not a normal Zombie drop like Rotten Flesh.

Full Set Abilities


  • Using the Luck Enchantment on a weapon, players can have higher odds of obtaining the Lapis Armor.
  • Try to kill the Lapis Zombie in 1-2 hit to quickly obtain the full set.


  • It is a popular choice among new players, as the +200% Bonus experience when mining ores is very good for grinding experience, and the +60 Health and +120 Defense makes it much better than iron armor or diamond armor.
  • The Lapis Zombies' Helmet only matches the Lapis Armor Helmet when they are using their ranged attacks.