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Lapis Lazuli

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Lapis Lazuli, sometimes simply called Lapis, is an item in the Mining collection that can be collected in the Lapis Quarry by mining the lapis lazuli ore.


Lapis Lazuli is obtained by mining the ore blocks found in the Lapis Quarry. Mining this ore rewards +7 Mining XP.


Lapis Lazuli's main use is in crafting recipes, where it can be used to make Lapis Minions I-II, Experience Bottles, Lapis Lazuli Blocks and Enchanted Lapis Lazuli. Lapis Blocks are used in the Portal to the Deep Caverns recipe. Lapis can also be used to brew Experience Potions.

Lapis Lazuli can be sold to any Merchant for 1 coin apiece.

Crafting Recipes


Collection Level Lapis Lazuli Required Reward
I 250 Lapis Minion
II 500 Experience Bottle
III 1,000 Enchanted Book (Experience II)
IV 2,000 Enchanted Lapis Lazuli
V 10,000 Grand Experience Bottle
VI 25,000 Experience Potion
VII 50,000 Enchanted Lapis Block
VIII 100,000 Titanic Experience Bottle
IX 150,000 Experience Artifact