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Magma Boss

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"I have defeated the Magma Boss more times than I can count" - Elle of the Nether, Blazing Fortress, 2019.

Magma Boss Fight


The Magma Cube Boss is a hostile mob found in Blazing Fortress. It differs to other Magma Cubes due to its giant size. It spawns every 2 in real life time hours. As of the v0.7 update, the Magma Boss will spawn at the same time on all Blazing Fortresses and has 150,000 Health.


Each player that deals damage to the Magma Cube Boss will have their own loot (that is only visible to them) drop depending on how much damage they have dealt. The more damage dealt, the greater chance of getting rarer drops or more drops. Anyone who deals at least 1 damage will receive an Ember Fragment, which can be used for Ember Armor Set.

The following items drop when killed:


In order to smoothly defeat it, many players should work together. Most people don't go to melee, as the boss does large amounts of damage. Instead, people mostly use a bow and shoot arrows from a medium distance.

However if you have proper gear, try to fight the boss with swords in order to deal higher damage.

This is a high risk strategy as you may get yourself killed. But you may also do much more damage and get more loot.


  • You will see your ranking for how much damage you dealt after the boss is killed.
  • The Magma Boss was the first boss to be added to the game.
  • As of the 0.6 update, the loot drops changed from an Ember Rod to multiple other drops. Only one player could obtain the Ember Rod before but now, loot is player-based.
  • Before the v0.7 update, each Blazing Fortress had set times for the boss to spawn. As of the v0.7 update, they will now spawn at the same time on all Blazing Fortresses.
  • The Magma Boss spawns every 2 hours simultaneously on all servers, a timer can be found by clicking here.