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Midas' Sword

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The Midas' Sword is an extremely late-game weapon, which has the potential to become the best sword in the game, beating Aspect of the Dragons and the Pigman Sword in terms of raw damage.


Midas' Sword is an auction item in the Dark Auction and can be bidded on. Be mindful that the price paid will affect the sword's stats.


The formulas for Midas' damage and strength bonus has been revealed by Minikloon on the Skyblock Community Discord server at October 29th 9:40 PM (GMT)

The formulas are as follows:

Bid Value Range Formula for Bonus
Less than 1 million bid / 50k
1 million ⬄ 2.5 million 20 + ((bid - 1m) / 100k)
2.5 million ⬄ 7.5 million 35 + ((bid - 2.5m) / 200k)
7.5 million ⬄ 25 million 60 + ((bid - 7.5m) / 500k)
25 million ⬄ 50 million 95 + ((bid - 25m) / 1m)
Greater or equal to 50 million 120

bid represents the exact value of the top bid for the Midas.

1mil Midas' Sword will have +170 Damage and +20 Strength in total.
50mil Midas' Sword will have +270 Damage and +120 Strength in total.