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Mining Skill

Mining is one of the nine Skills available for players to level up. To obtain Mining XP, you must break certain ores or basic stone-related materials, such as Netherrack.

Roman numerals are sometimes used to express its levels in-game.

Leveling XP

Mining XP Yields:

Item XP Yield Area
Stone/Cobblestone +1 Coal Mine, Gold Mine, Deep Caverns
Ice +0.2 Private Island
Netherrack +0.5 Blazing Fortress
Sand +3 Private Island (Desert Island)
Gravel +4 Spider's Den
End Stone +5 The End
Nether Quartz Ore +5 Blazing Fortress
Coal Ore +6 Coal Mine, Gold Mine, Deep Caverns (Gunpowder Mines)
Iron Ore +6 Gold Mine, Deep Caverns (Gunpowder Mines)
Glowstone +7 Blazing Fortress
Gold Ore +8 Gold Mine, Deep Caverns (Gunpowder Mines)
Lapis Lazuli Ore +8 Deep Caverns (Lapis Quarry)
Redstone Ore +8 Deep Caverns (Pigmen's Den)
Emerald Ore +9 Deep Caverns (Slimehill)
Diamond Ore +10 Deep Caverns (Diamond Reserve & Obsidian Sanctuary)
Diamond Block +15 Deep Caverns (Obsidian Sanctuary)
Obsidian +20 Deep Caverns (Obsidian Sanctuary) & The End

You can also get Mining XP (generally 1/10th the XP you would get from mining the block yourself) from getting items out of Minions.


Cobblestone taken out of minion: +0.1 XP

Diamond taken out of minion: +0.4 XP

Diamond Block taken out of minion: +3.6 XP


Spelunker is an ability unlocked exclusively by leveling up the Mining Skill. Each level of Spelunker grants an additional 4% chance for any Mining XP-yielding block to drop twice its original amount (x2 Ore Drop).

Each level of Mining grants one level of Spelunker. For example, if you were on Mining level 15, you would be on Spelunker level 15, and the chance for x2 Ore Drop would be 60%.

Leveling Rewards

Like all other Skills, Mining has a maximum level of 50.

Level x2 Ore
Drop Chance
1-14 +4% +1
15-50 +4% +2

​​​If you were to achieve level 25 of Mining, you would have received:

There are also special leveling rewards.

Level Special Reward
1 Access to Gold Mine
5 Access to Deep Caverns