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Obsidian is a common block which can be mined in the Obsidian Sanctuary.


Obsidian naturally generates in the Obsidian Sanctuary. Mining Obsidian with a diamond pickaxe grants +20 Mining XP. Obsidian can also be generated on the Private Island by having Water flow over a Lava source block.

Obsidian can also be found in holes near the edge of the Spider's Den along with blocks of coal. However, these cannot be mined.


Obsidian can be used in several crafting recipes in the obsidian collection, including the Obsidian Minion.

Obsidian can be sold to any Merchant for 12 coins apiece.

Obsidian can be used to brew Stun Potion.

Crafting ingredient

Obsidian is used to craft:


Level Required Reward
I 50 Obsidian Minion Recipes
II 100 Enchanted Book (Lethality IV) Recipe
III 250 Gravity Talisman Recipe
IV 1,000 Enchanted Obsidian Recipe
V 2,500 Enderchest Level I Upgrade (27 slots to 36 slots)
VI 5,000 Stun Potion Recipe
VII 10,000 Enderchest Level II Upgrade (36 slots to 45 slots)
VIII 25,000 Reforge Anvil (Coming soon)
IX 50,000 Enderchest Level III Upgrade (45 slots to 54 slots)