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Private Island

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The Private Island (also known as the Player's Island) is where all players begin their adventure. Players can build and break blocks freely here and can customize their island to their liking. They can also place Minions to help harvest resources and Portals to quick travel from their island.


Skyblock can either be played alone or together with up to 4 other players in a Co-op mode. After starting either variant it cannot be switched from Singleplayer to Co-op or the other way round, instead a new profile with completely new progress has to be created.

Nobody except the Co-op players can modify any blocks, interact with chests etc., damage Mobs, or get any damage while on the Private Island.


When a player first starts, they will be spawned on the island. The island consist of a tree, some stone, dirt and other materials. Players will be prompted to do some simple tasks while making their way to the second island. The game will be played like any normal Skyblock server at this stage.

Private Island

Second Island

After doing a few quests, the player will be told to reach the portal to get to the Hub World.

At first it may seem out of reach but players will quickly figure out that they have to bridge to the island to reach there. Here, players will find the portal that leads players to the hub, a Cobblestone Minion, Jerry the guide, and a small cave that contains a chest with a few items.


From here on out, players will be on their own. They will go outside of their island to gather additional resources to level up Skills and Collections.

Be aware that mobs will spawn on the island if not lit up by torches.


There are lots of things you can do to your island. It could be a house. It could be a storage island, just filled with chests. It could be nothing, if you really wanted. It could be a minion place, where you store all your minions. It could be really anything you can think of.


There are, in fact, some things you cannot create on your island. While you could technically make a realm of floating islands, there would still be restrictions. You can only build ±80 blocks in x and z direction. So keep that in mind as you build your island.

Building limit reached after x or z ±80

Since Patch 0.5, Redstone has been allowed on Private Islands, with certain limitations.

Each island has a Redstone Meter that appears on the scoreboard when a contraption, such as a lever connected to a wire, is activated. When the meter reaches 100%, Redstone in the island will be disabled for 10 seconds.

Pistons are placeable, but will not activate when powered with a Redstone signal.

A limit of 3 Minecarts per island has been implemented.


You can also visit other islands by typing /visit <username>. Settings can be changed and only allow certain category of person to enter.

The amount of visitors on an island depends on the highest rank that owns that island.

Visitors do not get any fall damage and aren't targeted by mobs either. They also can't pick up items on the island or use the ability of Aspect of the End. Grappling Hook's ability is usable, but the hook drops where you are when you activate it.


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