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What is being worked on? Some tables (Quest "Explorer" and Main Quests and Rewards), Carpenter and other newer quests missing.

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Quests are a part of Hypixel SkyBlock that allow new players to learn how to play SkyBlock, to explore the world, and earn rewards for doing tasks. Different quests have different tasks that can require players to collect or find certain items or explore an area.

Quest Log

The Quest Log is used to find out what tasks are required to complete main quests. To access the quest log, click on the SkyBlock Menu (Nether Star), then click on the Quest Log (Book and Quill). From there, you can hover over the enchanted paper to find out the requirements for each quest. If still unsure please consult the guide below.

Main Quest Guide

This will contain several spoilers on how to complete each quest. It is ordered in the recommended order of completion although feel free to complete these in any order. To find NPCs, click F3 on the keyboard and use the coordinates listed after the XYZ.

Quest "Getting Started"

To begin this quest break the entire tree on your Private Island. Then craft a Crafting Table and make a Wooden Pickaxe. Use - for example - the remaining Wooden Planks to build across to Jerry and right-click him, after the messages are read out walk through the Hub Portal. This will unlock more quests to complete.

Quest "Introduce Yourself"

To complete this quest you must visit all of these particular 12 villagers in any order. The table below lists them in a clock-wise order:

Villager Locations
Name x y z Notes
Duke 2 70 -104 Suggests to visit the Farm or Coal Mine to the North or the Forest west of the Village.
Lynn 12 70 -101 Tells you to open the Quest Log when you ever get lost during a quest.
Stella 28 70 -116 Tells you about SkyBlock profiles and playing Co-op.
Vex[reward 1] 12 70 -85 Instructs you on how to trade with other players and will trade anything for one Dead Bush.
Andrew 9 70 -64 Tells you that SkyBlock is still under heavy development and you should check the Hypixel forums often for updates.
Jack 1 70 -67 Tells you about how to find personal stats which some of them can be improved with Armor, Weapons, Accessories or leveling your Skills.
Jamie[reward 1] -17 70 -67 Tells you about how some items have special properties called Abilities that use Mana and gives you the Rogue Sword.
Tom[reward 1] -14 70 -84 Tells how to find the recipe book and shows you the Promising Axe recipe.
Leo -5 70 -89 Tells you about the Oak Wood collection and suggests to visit the Forest.
Felix -14 70 -98 Tells you about how to store items in your personal Ender Chest.
Liam -35 70 -97 Tells you about the upcoming rentable houses in the Village.
Ryu -6 70 -118 Tells you about the available Skills in Hypixel SkyBlock.
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 These Villagers will give you something or access to something just for talking to them.

Finding each villager will reward you with 10 coins and finishing the quest will reward you with another 50 coins. To help you find the villagers you haven't talked to yet, those have a green particle effect above their head.

Quest "Auctioneer"

Talk to the Auction Master at x=17, y=71, z=-78 and you will finish the quest and be rewarded with access to the Auction House.

Quest "Timber!"

Talk to the Lumberjack (not to be confused with the Lumber Merchant) in the Forest west of the Village (x= -95, y= 74, z= -40). Collect 10 logs by breaking the block with your fists or using an Axe. Then visit the Lumberjack to get rewarded with the Sweet Axe.

Optionally buy a better Axe; either from the Lumber Merchant at x= -18, y= 70, z= -89 or a Jungle Axe from the Auction House. After that, reach Foraging level I and visit The Park using the launch pad at the coordinates x= -224, y= 73, z= -15 for this you will be rewarded +10 Foraging experience. Inside the Birch Park collect 64x Birch Wood. Then talk to Charlie in the Birch Park at the coordinates x= -286, y= 82, z= -17 to complete the quest. He will reward you with 100 coins.

Quest "Into the Woods"

After reaching Foraging level V, you can travel to the Dark Thicket (Note: As of patch 0.7.4 only Foraging level III is required to get to the Dark Thicket, nevertheless, the quest still requires Foraging level V)).

In the Dark Thicket collect 64x Dark Oak Wood. Then talk to Charlie again who will reward you for completing the quest a Small Storage which is a Minion Chest.

Quest "First Harvest"

Talk to the Farmer NPC at x= 44, y= 72, z= -162. Collect 10x Wheat by harvesting the wheat surrounding the Farm. Then return to the Farmer who will reward you with 10 Farming experience. Collect more wheat until you are Farming level I and use the launch pad at x= 77, y= 72, z= -182 to travel to The Barn. This should complete this quest rewarding you with 10 more Farming experience.

Quest "Back at the Barnyard"

If you just completed the last quest you should be at the right location The Barn. Locate the Farmhand at x= 144, y= 73, z= -240 and speak to him/her. The Farmhand instructs you to craft a Wheat Minion and claims he gives you the recipe but in fact, you need to still break 50 Wheat. Break 80 Wheat with your fists and use the Wood collected from the previous quests to make a Wooden Hoe using the Crafting Table found in the Skyblock Menu. Then surround this Wooden Hoe with 10 Wheat in each of the 8 slots and craft a tier I Wheat Minion. Return to the Farmhand and he will reward you with one Enchanted Bread (Note: your tier I Wheat Minion will not be consumed).

Next, collect one Carrot, Potato, Pumpkin and Melon by exploring The Barn. For this step, you will be rewarded with 10 Farming experience and you will not need to return to the Farmhand but will be required to collect one Leather, Raw Chicken and Raw Porkchop. Do this by killing the animals with your Rogue Sword or similar. Once completed this will complete the quest rewarding you with 10 more Farming experience.

Quest "Intermediate Farmer"

Reach Farming level V, do this by utilizing the methods in the table leveling XP on the farming page or by simply breaking Wheat in the Farm as there are so many servers the wheat fields often haven't been harvested. The fastest way to get to another server is by travelling to and back from The Barn.

Upon reaching Farming level V you gain access to the Mushroom Desert and you will need to warp there using the launch pad at x= 142, y= 92, z= -305 in The Barn. This will reward you with 15 Farming experience. You will need to collect one Cocoa Beans, Sugar Cane and Cactus to complete the next part of the quest and earn 15 more Farming experience. You can get Cocoa Beans by breaking the cocoa pods on the jungle trees to the right of the Mushroom Desert Spawn, Sugar Cane by the lake and Cactus in the desert on the opposite side of the spawn.

Next, you have to collect one Raw Rabbit and Mutton, You can kill Rabbits in the jungle area and you can get Mutton by killing the Sheep that often spawn in and around the lake. Completing the quest will reward you with 15 more Farming experience.

Quest "Saving Up"

Talk to the Banker inside the Bank (x= 20, y= 71, z= -40). Deposit the Coins you have received from leveling up Skills in the previous quests. Complete this quest rewards you with 10 coins.

Quest "Time to Mine"

Talk to the the Blacksmith inside the Village (x= -19, y= 71, z= -124). He tells you to collect 10 Coal. Use either the Wooden Pickaxe crafted in the first quest or purchase one from the Mine Merchant (x= -19, y= 70, z= -49). Go into the Coal Mine, whose entrance is located at x= -9, y= 71, z= -152, mine 10 Coal with your pickaxe of choice. This step will reward you with 10 Mining experience).

Return to the Blacksmith and he will let you do 1 Reforge for just 10 Coal. This step is optional and is not part of this quest. However, it is required for the quest Reforger. Reach Mining Level I (which may already be complete) and travel to the Gold Mine located at the end of the Coal Mine tunnel at x=-9, y=64, z=-228. This quest should be complete and you are rewarded with 10 Mining experience.

Quest "Lost and Found"

Talk to the Lazy Miner in the Gold Mine at x= -11, y= 78, z= -337. Follow this mine down into the caverns and try to find the Lazy Miner's Pickaxe at x= -18, y= 24, z= -305. Right-click on the lost Pickaxe to pick it up. This will reward you with 10 Mining experience. Once picked up, mine one Iron Ore and one Gold Ore, smelt them in a furnace on your Private Island and return to the Lazy Miner to complete the quest.

Quest "Going Deeper"

Reach Mining Level V by mining either Stone or any Ore in the Gold Mine. Once Mining level V is reached, use the launch pad at x=-7, y=68, z=-394 to travel to the Deep Caverns. This will reward you with 15 Mining experience. Note: this area is dangerous and has the potential to kill you so it might be a good idea to deposit your coins at the Bank as these are the only things you lose when you die.

Locate the Lift Operator at x=45, y=150, z=15. He will tell you about how his lift operates when you reach a lower level.

The next part of the quest is more challenging compared to previous quests. You need to travel to the lowest point of the mine by traveling progressively through each cavern and ensuring you mine one resource that belongs to that area. The table below shows where the cave opening to the next cave lowers down to. Remember you want to travel down, and if you die to mobs utilise the Lift Operator. Also, note that for this section you will need Armor. You can for example buy full a Diamond Armor set from the Armorsmith NPC in the Village at x=-25, y=70, z=-90. You will also need to make a Diamond Pickaxe once you have collected Diamonds, as this is the only way to obtain Obsidian.

Once at the coordinate location head downwards in the y-direction to reach the next section of the cave.

Cave Opening Locations
Location x y z Resource Required Notes
Gunpowder Mines 4 149 42 none
Lapis Quarry -21 149 5 Lapis Lazuli
Pigmen's Den -4 117 29 Redstone
Slimehill -5 100 1 Emerald At Pigmen's Den face southwest of the coordinate and travel down
Diamond Reserve -5 65 -14 Diamond Collect at least 3 Diamonds to make a Diamond Pickaxe
Obsidian Sanctuary 12 36 60 Obsidian At Diamond Reserve face West and travel downwards. Collecting Obsidian is very difficult as you get one-hit by any mobs down there when wearing early-game gear. It is easier with the protection of some other players.

For finishing this quest you are rewarded with 100 Mining experience.

Quest "Helpful Miner"

To start this quest you need to travel to the Deep Caverns requiring Mining level V or part one of the Going Deeper quest. To avoid having to return to the same location twice, craft an Iron Pickaxe before starting the quest. Store all other Iron Pickaxes in your Ender Chest and only keep one unenchanted Iron Pickaxe in your inventory, to prevent them from getting lost. Then use the Lift Operator or head down the mine into the Lapis Quarry. From here locate the Lapis Miner at the coordinates x= -55, y= 121, z= 41 (at almost the furthest point away from the lift). Speak with him and hand him the Iron Pickaxe to complete the quest. He rewards you with a Compactor Minion Upgrade.

Quest "Library Card"

Talk to the Librarian inside the Village at the coordinates x= 17, y= 71, z= -16 where they will tell you to enchant an item. For example you can enchant a Wooden Pickaxe with any level 1 enchant. This will complete the quest rewarding you with 10 Enchanting experience.

Quest "Reforger"

Ensure the quest Time to Mine is completed and you have 10 Coal in your inventory. Go to the Blacksmith and reforge any item by right-clicking the Blacksmith and placing the item above the Anvil and click the Anvil. For example you can buy the Adventurer at x= 18, y= 70, z= -76 and purchase either the Zombie or Skeleton Talisman for 500 coins and reforge them. This will reward you with 10 Mining experience for completing the quest.

Quest "Time To Strike (Part I)"

Talk to the Bartender near the entrance to the Graveyard at x= -88, y= 70, z= -62 he will ask you to kill 10 Zombies from the Graveyard (entrance located at x= -121, y= 71, z= -77). Watch out for the Zombie Villagers as they are a lot faster than vanilla baby Zombies. When you talk back to the Bartender he will reward you with 100 coins for completing part one of Time to Strike quest.

Quest "Time To Strike (Part II)"

To start this quest you need to reach Combat level I to unlock access to the Spider's Den. The easiest way if you are not already Combat level I to do this is to use your Rogue Sword or similar to kill zombies in the Graveyard. Then travel to the Spider's Den using the launcher pad at x= -160, y= 73, z= -159 and you will be rewarded with 10 Combat experience. Speak with Haymitch in the Spider's Den at the coordinates x= -202, y= 84, z= -240. He will ask you to collect a Spider Eye and one String. Collect these by killing the Spiders located in the area nearby. Once collected, you will complete the quest and get rewarded with 15 Combat experience.

Quest "The Flint Bros"

Travel to the Spider's Den with two Iron Ingots and speak to Rick at the coordinates x= -330, y= 70, z= -235. He is underground in the Gravel mine underneath the big backbone or skeleton. Hand Rick the two Iron Ingots and he will reward you with a Promising Shovel.

Quest "Warrior's Quest"

Precursor, get or buy a Bow and some Arrows, for example from the Weaponsmith inside the Village. This makes killing a Blaze easier later on in the quest.

The first objective of this quest is to reach Combat level V. The good method is to travel to the Lapis Quarry and kill the Lapis Zombies as they are slower and easier to kill than some of the Zombies in the Graveyard, also they have a chance to drop Lapis Armor perhaps the best early to midgame armor. Also, they give +12 combat experience per kill compared to the +7 at the Graveyard.

Once Combat level V is reached, travel up the Spider's Den central part to the coordinates x= -253, y= 132, z= -292 and travel to the Blazing Fortress to be awarded 15 Combat experience and finish that part of the quest.

The next part might be difficult for new players as they will be attacked by higher level mobs! Inside the Blazing Fortress talk to Elle of the Nether, you can find her at x= -311, y= 96, z= -405, and she will ask you to collect one Nether Wart and a Blaze Rod. Travel to the furthest stairs away upwards and travel up and then to the right directly across to the coordinates x= -310, y= 83, z= -444 and get one Nether Wart. Avoid the Wither Skeletons as they will probably one-hit you. To get a Blaze Rod, travel to around the coordinates x= -260, y=83, z= -470, shoot at the Blazes using your bow and make sure you don't get hit by them.

For the next part of the quest travel to the coordinates x= -362, y= 83, z= =434 where you will find the entrance to the Nether Quartz cave, mine one Glowstone and Nether Quartz Ore to collect Glowstone Dust and Nether Quartz respectively. To get the Magma Cream, kill a Magma Cube on the bridge near the coordinates x= -309, y= 83, z= -486. Once you get the Magma Cream you will get 15 Combat experience.

Quest "End Race"

Quest "Fairy Souls"

Quest "Explorer"

From completing all the quests you should have found most Locations required for this quest. The coordinates are just an approximate location of where to find each location.

Exploration locations
Location x y z Notes
Auction House 14 70 -79 Head right after teleporting to the Hub
Bank -14 71 -45
Blacksmith 14 71 -120

Main Quests and Rewards

In the table below are all the quests and the rewards they give for completing them.

Quest Requirements Rewards Difficulty
Getting Started Break a log none Very Easy
Craft a Workbench
Craft a Wood Pickaxe
Introduce Yourself Talk to Villagers (12) Rogue Sword, Promising Axe recipe, 170 coins Very Easy
Auctioneer Talk to the Auction Master Access to the Auction House Very Easy
Timber! Talk to the Lumberjack Sweet Axe, 10 foraging experience and 100 coins Easy
Collect Oak Logs (10)
Talk to the Lumberjack
Reach Foraging Level I
Warp to The Park
Collect Birch Logs (64)
Talk to Charlie
Into the Woods Reach Foraging Level V Small Storage Medium
Collect Dark Oak Logs (64)
Talk to Charlie
First Harvest Talk to the Farmer 20 farming experience Easy
Collect Wheat (10)
Talk to the Farmer
Reach farming level I
Warp to the Barn
Back at the Barnyard Talk to the Farmhand 1x Enchanted Bread, 20 farming experience Easy
Craft a Tier I Wheat Minion
Talk to the Farmhand
Collect Potatoes, Carrots, Melons and Pumpkins. (1,1,1,1)
Collect Leather, Raw Chicken and Raw Porkchop. (1,1,1)
Intermediate Farmer Reach Farming Level V Access to Mushroom Desert, 45 farming experience Medium
Warp to the Mushroom Desert
Collect Sugar Cane, Cocoa Beans and Cactus (1,1,1)
Collect Mutton and Rabbit
Saving Up Talk to the Banker 10 coins Very Easy
Deposit Coins in the Bank
Time to Mine Talk to the Blacksmith 20 mining experience, 10 coal reforge Easy
Mine Coal
Talk to the Blacksmith
Reach Mining Level I
Warp to the Gold Mine
Lost and Found Talk to the Lazy Miner 10 mining experience and the Lazy Miner's Pickaxe (Smelting touch I) Easy to Medium
Find the Lazy Miner's Pickaxe
Collect Gold and Iron ingots (1 of both)
Going Deeper Reach Mining Level V 115 mining experience Hard to Very Hard
Warp to the Deep Caverns
Talk to the Lift Operator
Reach the Lapis Quarry
Collect Lapis Lazuli (1)
Reach the Pigmen's Den
Collect Redstone Dust (1)
Reach the Slimehill
Collect Emerald (1)
Reach the Diamond Reserve
Collect Diamond (1)
Reach the Obsidian Sanctuary
Collect Obsidian (1)
Helpful Miner Talk to the Lapis Miner Compactor Medium
Bring an Iron Pickaxe to the Lapis Miner
Library Card Talk to the Librarian 10 enchanting experience Easy
Enchant an item (any, just 1 item)
Reforger Reforge an Item 10 mining experience Easy
Time to Strike (Part I) Talk to the Bartender 100 coins Easy to Medium
Kill Zombies (10)
Talk to the Bartender
Time to Strike (Part II) Reach Combat Level I 25 combat experience Easy to Medium
Warp to the Spider's Den
Talk to Haymitch
Collect String and Spider Eye (1,1)
The Flint Bros Talk to Rick Promising Shovel Easy to Medium
Give iron ingots to Rick (2)
Warriors Quest Reach combat level V 30 combat experience Hard to Very Hard
Warp to the Blazing Fortress
Talk to Elle
Collect Nether Wart and Blaze Rods (1-64,1)
Collect Glowstone, Nether Quartz and Magma Cream (1,1,1)
Explorer (WIP) Explore the hub (find 13 locations) WIP Medium
End Race Racing for Guber

Side Quests

Side Quests are quests that don't appear in the quest book but are issued to you directly by NPCs, it is unclear if the Hypixel Team will decide to make these main quests later on. The side quests are given arbitrary names since there are no official names for them.

Decoration Time (Fisherman quest)

Talk to the Fisherman at x= 155, y= 68, z= 47 and he will ask to collect 5 Clay balls. Craft a Fishing Rod and fish in the pond next to him as Clay drop rate are higher than normal at that pond. Once you have collected 5, the side quest is complete and you will get a Prismarine Rod that has a 25% chance of catching Prismarine Shard or Prismarine Crystals.


  • The Warriors quest has the most underwhelming reward, considering that it takes a long time to complete for the experience that takes around 20 seconds to get.


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