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There are 6 Rarity levels an item can have.


Common items are usually pretty easy to get even early-game and not very valuable, unless in multiples.

Examples are:


Uncommon items are usually hard to get early game, but still pretty easy to get once you get mid-game.

Examples are:


Rare items tend to be hard to get even mid-game, but are very valuable and has a lot of utility, and sometimes necessary for getting to the late-game.

Examples are:


Epic items tend to be extremely useful, and are usually obtained late-game or in a very few cases mid-game. Most late-game Armor Sets such as Magma Armor or Diver's Armor are also in this category.

Examples are:


Legendary items are the most valuable items in the game, which usually output high amounts of stat boosts and bonuses, and naturally costs an absurd amount of coins.

Examples are:


Special items are usually limited-time event items, or something that only a few people in Skyblock can obtain. Examples are:

  • New Year Cake, given by the Baker at the start of each in-game year beside the Bank.
  • Nope the Fish, a reward from the End Race
  • Game Breaker, an item which is given to players who report a game-breaking exploit.
  • Creative Mind, given to the people whose ideas were chosen and implemented from the Skyblock Ideas Round 1 thread.
  • Dead Bush of Love, a special item that only a few players have. Not much is known about this item except it's mostly held by staff or HPC (Hypixel Player Council) members as a reward for testing SkyBlock before it went public.