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Raw Fish

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Raw Fish is a Common Item dropped from Fishing and is used in most recipes unlocked in the Fishing Collections.


  • Fishing: Raw Fish can be fished from any water source block available. It is the most common item in the Fishing Collection.
  • Minions: Raw Fish can be obtained using the Fishing Minion. This method is best for low level fishing or for overnight fishing experience.
  • Merchants: Raw Fish can be bought from the Fish Merchant for 20 Coins each.
  • Sea Creatures: Raw Fish is among many items in the loot of Sea Creatures. Although Fishing is the quickest way to get Raw Fish, killing Sea Creatures provides the highest quantity of Raw Fish.


Raw Fish can be sold or used as Crafting Material. Upon obtaining the Raw Fish, the player will progress his Raw Fish Collection.


Collection Level Requirements Rewards
I 20 Raw Fish Fish Hat Recipe
II 50 Raw Fish Fishing Minion Recipe
III 100 Raw Fish Small Fishing Bag Upgrade
IV 250 Raw Fish Pond Island Recipe
V 500 Raw Fish Angler Armor Set Recipe
VI 1,000 Raw Fish Enchanted Raw Fish Recipe
VII 2,500 Raw Fish Medium Fishing Bag Upgrade
VIII 15,000 Raw Fish Enchanted Cooked Fish Recipe
IX 30,000 Raw Fish Large Fishing Bag Upgrade