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Redstone is a Common Collection item in the Mining category. It can be obtained by mining in the Pigman's Den or rarely from killing Witches. It is the only Collection with a Tier XI reward.


Redstone Ore spawns naturally in the Pigman's Den, where it can be mined and collected by the player. Normally, it drops a number of redstone pieces and grants +7 Mining XP. However, mining it this way attracts Pigman to attack the player, making it inconvenient to collect. The player can collect the Redstone Ore directly with a Silk Touch pickaxe. Although this does not grant Mining XP or factor the Spelunker perk into effect (always dropping one), Pigmen do not appear to be aggravated at players who mine Redstone Ore in this way.

Redstone is also an rare drop from Witches, although this does not gain progress in the Redstone Collection.


Redstone functions similar to how it does within Vanilla Minecraft, although certain items, such as Pistons, are inoperable, and there is a limit to the amount of active Redstone a player can have on their Private Island. This limit is displayed on the side scoreboard, but only when any amount of Redstone is being used, and it disappears when none is being used.

Redstone can be sold to any Merchant for 1 Coin apiece.

As Crafting component

Redstone is used to craft

As Brewing Ingredient

Similar to vanilla, Redstone will extend the duration of Potions effects. Unlike vanilla however, it does not reduce the potion level.


Level Required Reward
I 100 Redstone Minion Recipes
II 250 Small Accessory Bag Upgrade
III 750 Enchanted Book (Efficiency IV) Recipe
IV 1,500 Enchanted Redstone Recipe
V 3,000 Compass Talisman[upcoming]
VI 5,000 Weather Stick Recipe
VII 10,000 Medium Accessory Bag Upgrade
VIII 25,000 Enchanted Redstone Block Recipe
IX 50,000 Large Accessory Bag Upgrade
X 200,000 Greater Accessory Bag Upgrade
XI 400,000 Giant Accessory Bag Upgrade