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Rogue Sword

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The Rogue Sword is a Sword you obtain from Jamie.


  • It only deals +20 Damage, making it one of the weakest Swords in SkyBlock. (Tieing with Wooden Sword and Golden Sword.)
  • This is one of the weakest Swords that has an Item Ability.
  • Right-clicking while holding this Sword will give you +20 Speed for 30 seconds. You can stack this ability, but it will only be +10 speed each time you stack, to run a lot faster than normal, so it is recommended to take one if you want to run big distances.
  • It is recommended to keep this Sword because you only get it once. It cannot be crafted or looted, effectively making it unobtainable any other way than trading with other players.


  • Experienced players who may have lost their Sword will pay large sums in the Auction House to reacquire one. New players can sell their Sword immediately for lots of Coins. Some players may prey on new players by offering to trade for the Sword for some Diamond gear, a seemingly much better deal than what the Sword fetches on the Auction House.