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Sand is a hard-to-collect block in the Mining collection.


Sand cannot be mined on any of the public islands, making it difficult to add to the collection. However, it can be collected on the Private Island through the use of the Desert Island. The Desert Island recipe requires Cactus Collection level V to unlock. So to gain the ability to unlock the Sand Collection it is necessary to reach Cactus collection level V beforehand.

Once the Desert Island recipe is unlocked, Sand can be bought from the Farm Merchant while Cactus and Sugar Cane can be collected in the Mushroom Desert, making the Desert Island's crafting recipe possible.

Sand generated by the Desert Island can be collected, since it was not placed by the player. Once the Sand Minion recipe is unlocked, reaching higher Sand Collection levels gets easier.

Mining Sand grants +3 Mining XP.


Sand is needed to place around the Cactus Minion. A Sand Minion is craftable using 80 sand around a wooden shovel. It is also needed in a handful of Trades and recipes.

Sand can be smelted in a furnace or mined with a tool with Smelting Touch to obtain Glass.

Sand can also be sold to any Merchant for 2 Coins per block.

As Crafting Ingredient

Crafting Recipe Results Notes


Level Required Reward
I 50 Sand Minion Recipes
II 100 Red Sand Trade
III 250 Soul Sand Trade
IV 500 Desert Biome Stick Recipe
V 1000 Enchanted Sand Recipe
VI 2500 Burning Potion Recipe
VII 5000 Hard Glass Recipe