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Sneaky Creeper

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The Sneaky Creeper is a type of Creeper that spawns exclusively in the Gunpowder Mines. They have the appearance of a normal Creeper - however, they are invisible until they approach the player.


The Sneaky Creeper spawns in the mines completely invisible. They will often spawn directly behind the player, or if not, will try to walk behind a player to catch them off-guard.

Upon getting in range of a player, the Sneaky Creeper will become visible. It will then also begin to explode, like a normal Creeper. If the player runs away before it explodes, it will stay visible, and act entirely like a normal Creeper. Killing the Sneaky Creeper before it explodes will prevent the explosion, and grant some drops and rewards.


The Sneaky Creeper spawns with 120 maximum Health, at level 3. This makes it a challenging foe during the early-game, but relatively non-threatening later on, especially once the player obtains Lapis Armor and above.


  • The Sneaky Creeper is the only Mob in the Deep Caverns that does not have a Runic variety.
  • The Runaan's Bow or bows with the Aiming enchantment can kill Sneaky Creepers while invisible.

Kill Rewards

Upon being killed, the Sneaky Creeper will drop one Gunpowder. This and killing Witches are the only ways to gain Gunpowder without Minions currently known, making farming in the Gunpowder Mines for Gunpowder drops viable if you wish to unlock Creeper Minions.

The Sneaky Creeper will also drop 3 Coins, and give the player +8 Combat XP.