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Spider's Den

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The Spider's Den is a location with a lot of aggressive mobs, particularly Spider, Skeleton, Silverfish, and Slime.


Haymitch is your person to talk to.


Spider's Den can be accessed after the player has attained Combat Level I by using the Launch Pad found in the back of the Graveyard.


The main Mobs there are spiders. Of these, there are four varieties: the Splitter Spider, which spawns two silverfish when it dies; the Weaver Spider, which attacks the player with webs; the Dasher Spider, which has increased speed; and the Voracious Spider which has 1000 Health.

There is also a mini "boss" called the Brood Mother which spawns at the very top of the den. It drops a spider talisman when killed. Most spiders spawn near the center the island. Skeletons spawn mostly on the ground level, although occasionally they will spawn with a spider to form a Spider Jockey.

Slimes spawn on grassy areas while it is raining. It is recommended to take good armor because these mobs are pretty strong.

There is Gravel which can be mined near the back of the hive in a ravine system. In that ravine system is Rick, the second of the Flint Bros.

Climbing the Spider's Den leads to a Launch Pad for the Blazing Fortress.

There is also a Launch Pad to The End.

Like everywhere else it has a few Fairy Souls dotted around.