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Sponge is a common item that can be found in the Fishing Collection. Sponge is a drop from Fishing and is used in recipes unlocked in the Fishing Collection.



Sponge can be fished from any water source block available.


Sponge can be obtained using the Fishing Minion. This method is best for low level fishing or for overnight fishing experience.

The quickest way to get Sponge, using Minions provides the highest quantity of Sponge.

Sea Creatures

Sponge is among many items in the loot table for Sea Creatures.


Sponge can be sold or used as Crafting material. Upon obtaining Sponge, the player will progress his/her Sponge Collection.


Level Required Rewards
I 20 Sponge Sponge Rod Recipe
II 50 Sponge Sponge Trade
III 100 Sponge Enchanted Sponge Recipe
IV 200 Sponge Sea Creature Talisman Recipe
V 400 Sponge Stereo Pants Recipe
VI 800 Sponge Sea Creature Ring Recipe
VII 1,500 Sponge Enchanted Wet Sponge Recipe
VIII 2,500 Sponge Sea Creature Artifact Recipe
IX 4,000 Sponge Sponge Armor Upgrade