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String is a drop from various Mobs, for example Spiders and Silverfish.

It can be used to craft multiple things such as Web and Enchanted String.


String Collection
Tier/Number Reward Note
I/50 Spider Minion
II/100 Web Recipe Used to make Portal to Spider's Den
III/250 Quiver Upgrade Can be used to store arrows or consumable item that's required for bow's special ability to active
IV/1,000 Enchanted String A Basic Requirement in High Tier Bows.
V/2,500 Silk Touch I Enchantment Book
VI/5,000 Infinite Quiver II Enchantment Book
VII/10,000 Grappling Hook
VIII/25,000 Spider's Boots
IX/50,000 Spider Pet Egg Not released yet[upcoming]