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Sven Packmaster

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Sven Packmaster is a boss introduced in the slayer update. He is the third slayer boss available to players and is the main source of wolf fangs. His name is likely a reference to YouTuber PewDiePie’s dog in his Minecraft let’s play who was named Sven. Unlike the other slayer bosses Sven dose need to hit you to deal damage making him easier to cheese.


  • If he doesn’t hit you for around 15 seconds he begins to regenerate extremely fast, it is recommended to hold a shamen sword and let him hit you occasionally for higher tiers.
  • At tier 3 and above Sven will spawn a horde of pups who are absurdly strong and fast when taken below half health.
  • Bring friends if you’re challenging tier 3 or higher.
  • Sven got a special attack that can drag you down from your current site for around 5-7 blocks so beware.