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Swords are special melee tools that can focuses on dealing damage, as well as granting the player extra abilities and stat bonuses.

  • Notes:
Rar = Rarity of the Sword
Dam = Damage
Str = Strength


There are 36 Swords:

Name Rar Dam Str Other Stats Effects Source
Aspect of the Dragons Le 225 100 Dragon Rage:
All monsters in front of you take 700 damage. Hit monster take large knockback.
Mana Cost: 100 Cooldown: 5s
Aspect of the End Ra 100 100 Instant Transmission:
Teleport 8 blocks ahead of you and gain +50 Speed for 3 seconds.
Mana Cost: 50
Ender Pearl VIII
Aspect of the Jerry Co 1 Parley:
Channel your inner Jerry
Cooldown: 5s
Cleaver Un 40 10 Cleave:
When hitting a mob, any entity within a 3 block radius will take a small portion of damage.
Gold Ingot II
Diamond Sword Un 35 Vanilla, Weaponsmith
Edible Mace Ra 125 25 Your next attack deals double damage and weakens animals, making them deal -35% damage for 30 seconds.
Mana Cost: 100
Ember Rod Ep 80 35 +50 Int
Fire Blast:
Shoot 3 Fireballs in rapid succession in front of you!
Mana Cost: 150 Cooldown: 30s
Magma Boss
Emerald Blade Ep 130 A powerful blade made from pure Emeralds. This blade becomes stronger as you carry more coins in your purse. Emerald Lvl VIII
End Stone Sword Ep 120 80 Extreme Focus:
Consumes all your remaining mana to grant Damage Resistance for 5 seconds and extra damage on your next hit (within 5 seconds) depending on how much mana was consumed!
End Stone IX
End Sword Un 35 Deals +100% damage to Endermen, Ender Dragons, and Endermites. Weaponsmith
Fancy Sword Co 20 Gold Forger
Flaming Sword Un 50 20 Ignites enemies for 3s. Pigman
Golden Sword Co 20 Vanilla
Golem Sword Ra 80 125 +25 Def
Iron Punch:
Punch the ground, damaging enemies in a hexagon around you for 250 base Magic Damage.
Mana Cost: 70 Cooldown: 3s
Iron Ingot VIII
Hunter Knife Un 50 +40 Spd
Woods Race
Ink Wand Ra 10 Ink Bomb:
Shoot an ink bomb in front of you dealing 50 damage and giving blindness!
Mana Cost: 60 Cooldown: 30s
Ink Sack IX
Iron Sword Co 30 Vanilla
Leaping Sword Ep 150 100 +25% CrD Leap:
Leap into the air and deal 350 base Magic Damage to nearby enemies upon landing on the ground. Damaged enemies will also be frozen for 1.0 second.
Mana Cost: 100 Cooldown: 2s
Spider Eye IX
Midas' Sword Le 150 Greed:
The strength and damage bonus of this item is dependant on the price paid for it at the Dark Auction! The maximum bonus of this item is +120 if the bid was 50,000,000 Coins or higher!
Dark Auction
Pigman Sword Le 200 100 +5% CrC
+20% CrD
Burning Souls:
You form vortexes of flame, giving you Resistance I and attacking nearby enemies with a projectile dealing up to 1000 over 5 seconds if it lands.
Mana Cost: 70
Raw Porkchop IX
Prismarine Blade Un 50 25 Deals +200% damage while in water. Prismarine Shard Lvl II
Raider Axe Ra 80 50
  • Earn +20 Coins from Monster kills.
  • +1 Damage per 500 kills (Mobs level 10+, max +35)
  • +1 Strength per 500 500 (Sums Wood collections, max +100).
Melancholic Viking
Reaper Falchion Ep 120 100 +200 Int
Heal 10 HP per hit. Deal +200% damage to Zombies, Receive 20% less damage from Zombies when held. Zombie Slayer Lvl 6
Reaper Scythe Le 333 +10 Spd
Within 3 seconds of killing an enemy, Desecrete their grave to spawn a zombie.
Mana Cost: 150
Sven Packmaster
at Wolf Slayer LVL 37
Recluse Fang Ra 120 30 +20% CrD Squash 'em:
Squash Spiders to accumulate strength against them.
Spider Slayer Lv 2
Revenant Falchion Ra 90 50 +100 Int
Deals +150% damage to Zombies. Zombie Slayer Lvl 3
Rogue Sword Co 20 Speed Boost:
Increases your movement Speed by +20 for 30 seconds
Mana Cost: 60
Scorpion Foil Ep 100 100 +50% CrD Heartstopper:
You have 4 tickers. Blocking clears 1 ticker and heals 60 Health. Once all tickers are cleared, your next attack is empowered for +250% damage. Deal +150% damage against Spiders.
Tickers refill after 5 seconds.
Spider Slayer VI
Shaman Sword Ep 100 20 +5 Spd
Deal +1 Damage per 50 max Health. Receive -20% damage from wolves. Wolf Slayer Lvl III
Silver Fang Un 100 None Ghast Tear Lvl VI
Spider Sword Co 30 Deals +100% damage to Silverfish, Spiders, and Cave Spiders. Spider Eye II, Weaponsmith
Stone Sword Co 25 Vanilla
Tactician's Sword Ra 50 +20% CrC
Gains +15 Damage for each Combat Collection of Tier VII and over of its wearer. Master Tactician Funk
Undead Sword Co 30 Deals +100% more damage to Skeleton, Wither, Zombie, and Pigman. Weaponsmith
Wooden Sword Co 20 Vanilla
Zombie Sword Ra 100 50 +50 Int
Instant Heal:
Heal yourself for 120 HP and players within 7 blocks for 40 HP.
Mana Cost: 70
Rotten Flesh VII


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