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Trades are a Skyblock Mechanic wherein players can trade items in their inventory for other items supplied by the server, using a submenu in their Skyblock Menu. The trade will often be trading coins to gain an item, but some trades differ from this formula.

Accessing & Using

The Trades menu can be accessed by opening the Skyblock Menu (holding the nether star in your hand and interacting with it), then by clicking the central Emerald on the menu, labelled "Trades".

The Trades menu.

A new menu will open. Here, you can see the items which you can trade for. Slots filled with Grey Dye are currently locked, meaning that the player needs to unlock them, likely through a Collection unlock. The player can hover over unlocked items to see what the item's description, and the required items or currency needed to trade for the item. Finally, clicking on an item will trade for the item if you have the required materials, or play a sound effect and throw an error if not.

The arrow at the bottom-middle of the screen will go back to the Skyblock Menu, and the barrier will close the menu outright and go back to gameplay.


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