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Upcoming Content

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Logo3.png The following article is still a work in progress.
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The Upcoming Content article contains information about upcoming SkyBlock updates and unreleased but announced or mentioned items. It should consist only of facts visible ingame or be based on official statement from Hypixel staff, and not speculation or predictions.


The next updates are planned as follows:

  • Dungeons will be coming up with SkyBlock v0.8. There is currently no ETA for them.
  • There will be at least one more update before that (0.7.5)

Collection rewards

Several collections have rewards that haven't been released yet.


New gadgets, tools or utilities.

Reward Skill Collection & Tier
Catching Egg Farming Carrot III
Super Catching Egg Farming Carrot VI
Mega Catching Egg Farming Carrot IX
Random Book Farming Sugar Cane VII
Horse Mount Egg Farming Leather IX
Random Egg Farming Raw Chicken IX
Polymorph Wand Farming Mutton IX
Diamond Refinery Mining Coal VI
Enchanted Clock Mining Gold Ingot IX
Reforge Anvil Mining Obsidian VIII
Random Firework Combat Gunpowder VII
Sawmill Foraging Spruce Wood VI
Super Torch Foraging Acacia Wood IV


New talismans additional to the already existing Talismans.

Reward Skill Collection & Tier
Speed Talisman ➜ Speed Ring Upgrade Farming Sugar Cane V
Speed Ring ➜ Speed Artifact Upgrade Farming Sugar Cane VIII
Luck Talisman Farming Raw Rabbit VIII
Emerald Ring Mining Emerald V
Compass Talisman Mining Redstone V


New armor additional to the already existing Armor.

Reward Skill Collection & Tier
Ghast Armor Combat Ghast Tear VII
Salmon Armor Fishing Raw Salmon IX


New hats additional to the already existing Hats.

Reward Skill Collection & Tier
Golem Hat Mining Iron Ingot II
Glowstone Hat Mining Glowstone Dust VIII
Blaze Hat Combat Blaze Rod II
Salmon Hat Fishing Raw Salmon VII
Sea Lantern Hat Fishing Prismarine Crystals I


A new island additional to the already existing islands.

Reward Skill Collection & Tier
End Island Combat Ender Pearl IV

Minion upgrades

The Perfect Hopper is listed in the interface of the Minions in the slot for Automated Shipping and is according to its name the best hopper for automated shipping. The collection it will be in is currently unknown.


Reward Skill Collection & Tier
Harvesting Upgrade Farming Wheat VIII


The concept of pets isn't present in SkyBlock yet.

"[Pets] will spawn as Level 1 monsters that will help you many different ways."
~ Forums post "New Prototype Game - Hypixel SkyBlock"[1]

Reward Skill Collection & Tier
Pet Food Farming Carrot II
Carrot Candy Farming Carrot VIII
Bat Pet Egg Farming Mushroom IX
Pig Pet Egg Farming Raw Porkchop III
Pigmen Pet Egg Farming Raw Porkchop VIII
Chicken Pet Egg Farming Raw Chicken V
Sheep Pet Egg Farming Mutton VII
Rabbit Pet Egg Farming Raw Rabbit II
Silverfish Pet Egg Mining Cobblestone VI
Wither Skeleton Pet Egg Mining Coal IX
Endermite Pet Egg Mining End Stone VII
Zombie Pet Egg Combat Rotten Flesh IX
Skeleton Pet Egg Combat Bone VI
Spider Pet Egg Combat String IX
Cave Spider Pet Egg Combat Spider Eye VIII
Blaze Pet Egg Combat Blaze Rod IX
Wolf Pet Egg Foraging Spruce Wood VIII
Ocelot Pet Egg Foraging Jungle Wood VIII

The command /viewpetsmenu got added around October 2019, opening an empty inventory with the title "Pets".

Skill unlocks

Some Skills have not yet released unlocks.


With the release of Carpentry on August 2nd, 2019 only skill levels 1 to 10 had recipe unlocks. Rewards for level 11 to 25 were released with patch 0.7.4 in November 2019. Unlocks for Carpentry level 26-50 are still unreleased.


The Enchanting skill level 3 comes with the reward "Access to Wizard Portal". Currently the Wizard Portal doesn't lead anywhere. The text above the portal says Travel to: Limbo but the word "Limbo" is written as Minecraft's obfuscated text.



The Wither is a mob that has not been released in SkyBlock yet. It is currently mentioned in the tooltip of the Wither Bow.


High Level area

A door on the south end of the High Level area.

The High Level is currently an almost empty area. The only features in this area are some Skeletons during nighttime and a huge door on the southern end of the area. It has slimeblocks below, so in the future it could be used as a gateway to a new area.

In the release post of SkyBlock it was hinted that Guilds might have to do something with the new area.[1]


"Think adventure maps like we used to do but with scalable difficulty and less limitations, so noobs and veterans can experience it, but also allows us for insane end game content, boss mechanics and much more."
~ Simon on Twitter[2]


There are plans for guild islands in the future. It is not known how this will work but it is confirmed to be in the works.

Private Islands/Guesting

  • Parkour
A direct quote taken from the 0.6 update thread: "Players will be able to create parkours and implement cool ways to interact with your guests"


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