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Moo, I'm a 🐄 and I live on the Barn.


You can contact me on Twitter @cowtipper.

My favorite wiki editor is this beautiful person.

Testing area

Embedding the wiki logo here, so it doesn't show up in Unused files:

Hywikis Logo

Using redirects for files

Using redirects instead of re-uploading a duplicate file. For example only upload Iron Sword.png and instead of uploading Zombie Sword, Spider Sword, ... as duplicate images, only create a redirect to the Iron Sword file. Example:

|title=Test Image
Test Image.png linked directly: [[File:Test Image.png|256px]]

Test Image.png linked directly: Iron Sword.png

Template: Number

A template to automatically format large numbers.

Variant 1: with title attribute

{{number|42642}} would be automatically converted to: 42,642. (move your cursor over the number)


  • Easier to read/grasp


  • Doesn't work on mobile devices (well, the thousands separator does work, but not the tooltip)

Variant 2: with mw-collapsible

A maybe-mobile friendly variant. Only the number 25,000 in the table below is modified!

Either move your cursor over the number and/or click the number.

Collection Level Redstone Required Reward
I 100 Redstone Minion Recipes
II 250 Small Talisman Bag Upgrade
III 750 Enchanted Book (Efficiency IV) Recipe
IV 1,500 Enchanted Redstone Recipe
V 3,000 Compass Talisman (Coming Soon)
VI 5,000 Weather Stick Recipe
VII 10,000 Medium Talisman Bag Upgrade
VIII 25,000 ≈390.6 stacks, or ≈7.2 double chests Enchanted Redstone Block Recipe
IX 50,000 Large Talisman Bag Upgrade
X 200,000 Greater Talisman Bag Upgrade


  • Should work on mobile as well


  • Requires some kind of unique identifier for each toggle-able number.
    • Could be just be the number itself; would not work if a number is repeated twice in an article (not sure if there are currently articles with the same large number repeated twice in different places)
  • Might break layout when toggled (e.g. table cell will get way to large and move everything around)
    • Could be styled using CSS to make it appear more like a floating tooltip