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The Spider is a Mob in SkyBlock that naturally spawns in the Spider's Den and the Private Island. Its common drops are String and Spider Eye. There are different variants of Spiders that spawn in the Spider's Den, which include the Dasher Spider, Splitter Spider, Weaver Spider, and Voracious Spider. They can occasionally take form with a Spider Jockey.

Types of Spiders

Dasher Spider

"Those Dashing Spiders are pretty obnoxious. I find a well-place arrow can help with that." - Haymitch

The Dasher Spider is one type of spider. It occasionally launches itself towards the player, damaging them in the process. They have the lowest health of all the Spiders in the Spider's Den.

Splitter Spider

The Splitter Spider is another type of Spider. It acts like a normal Spider, but when killed, it will release two Silverfish to attack the player. It has the 2nd highest health, sharing the health of the Spider Jockey.

Weaver Spider

The Weaver Spider is the third type of Spider. It frequently shoots out webs that deal damage to players. Some webs may be left floating on the ground as a visible item, but will still damage the player.

Spider Jockey

The Spider Jockey is the fourth type of Spider. It always spawns with a Skeleton riding its back which shoots Silverfish. If the Skeleton is killed, it will attack like a normal Spider. It shares the same health as the Splitter Spider.

Voracious Spider

The Voracious Spider is the fifth type of spider. It spawns with 1,000 health, significantly more than the other four mentioned. It was previously named Hungry Spider but changed in the 0.7.3 spooky patch.


The Broodmother is the sixth type of Spider and is considered as a mini Boss. It spawns every hour at the very top of the Spider's Den.

It has 6000 health (the highest on all types of Spider).

After her death she will split into three Cave Spiders which attack player and inflict the poison effect in the process.

She drops String and the Spider Talisman [reduces damage dealt by arthropods (Spider, Cave Spider, Silverfish) by 5%].