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A Zealot is a type of Enderman found exclusively in the Dragon's Nest. Zealots are not hostile towards players, unless provoked, like normal Enderman.

They can hold Ender Chests which changes their drop and some of them can drop Summoning Eyes which are used to summon the Ender Dragon.

Chat messages

  • A special Zealot has spawned nearby! (Rarely when slaying a Zealot)


Sometimes, after killing a Zealot, a message will appear with a music alerting a special zealot were spawned:
Those Special Zealot having 2,000??? Health and will drop Summoning Eye upon defeat.


Sometimes Zealots spawn holding an Ender Chest. These special Zealots some additional drops but still have the same amount of health as normal Zealots.

All Zealots drop the following items.

Enderchest Zealots drop some additional items and can drop increased amounts of the normal drop table.

End Portal Frame Zealots Drops


  • As of a bugfix update shortly after the release of v0.7, Zealots can no longer hold End Portal Frames which drop Summoning Eyes on death. Instead, all Zealots can now drop Summoning Eyes.