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The Zombie is a natural Mob in Minecraft. The Hypixel Skyblock edition changes some features and stats to create an RPG feel.

Name Location Lvl HP Drops Note
Zombie Graveyard, Private Island 1 100 Rotten Flesh, Poisonous Potato The level and health of the Zombies spawning on the Private Island increase over time. It is currently unconfirmed if it is related to Combat level or other reason.
11 405
12 465
Zombie Villager Graveyard 1 120 Rotten Flesh, Poisonous Potato They run faster than normal Zombies.
Lapis Zombie Lapis Quarry 7 200 Rotten Flesh, Lapis Armor They have a unique attack of shooting laser beam from their head. When doing so, their head turns into a Sea Lantern.
Zombie Diamond Reserve 15 250 Rotten Flesh, Miner Armor They drop Miner Armor.
Zombie Obsidian Sanctuary 20 300 Rotten Flesh, Miner Armor V They drop Miner Armor V enchanted with Protection V.
Crypt Ghoul Coal Mine 30 2,000 Rotten Flesh Have a chance to turn into Revenant Sycophant
Revenant Sycophant Coal Mine 70 24,000 1x Revenant Flesh
Golden Ghoul Coal Mine 60 45,000 Rotten Flesh, Gold Ingot, Golden Powder Only spawns in specific spots of the Coal Mine.
Revenant Champion Coal Mine 150 90,000


Zombies spawn naturally at dark area on your Private Island. Other kind of Zombies appear in their specific habitat, for example the Lapis Zombie spawns in the Lapis Quarry. Zombies spawn at different levels and health depending upon the location they are found.

Zombies found in either the Diamond Reserve or the Obsidian Sanctuary have a slim chance to drop pieces of the Miner Armor set.

The Crypt Ghoul and Golden Ghoul are the current strongest zombie in skyblock,Only spawn in the tunnel in the Coal Mine.